UFC Betting Odds Explained

There is no question that one of the fastest growing sports in the world has been mixed martial arts and the Ultimate Fighter Championships have been the cornerstone to that growth. With the popularity of the sport, betting odds are sure to follow. UFC betting odds routinely produce a great interest with the main card fights, highlighted of course by the main events and title fights that are held.

Bettors can cash in on a number of different angles to the fight, stemming from the overall fight winner to props such as how a particular fight will end. Don't worry; we explain it all on this page so that when the next UFC event comes up on the schedule you will be ready.

UFC Fight Odds Explained

The basic element of UFC betting odds comes down to the odds to win the fight. This will be a moneyline formed for the straight up result, as no spread is needed here. One of the things you might want to consider is the fact that different sportsbooks could have different payouts for fighters. This is something called 'line shopping' which is something that could certainly play to your advantage.

For a UFC fight, the main fight card will feature odds to win each fight, with the preliminary card having the potential for odds depending on the sportsbook and how deep they typically go with these lines.

How To Read The Over/Under Betting Odds In The UFC

The betting line for the over/under completed round total essentially boils down to whether or not the fight will go the distance or end early. If it's a five round fight, you will typically see the betting line set with an over/under total of 4.5 rounds. For main event fights, it could be a couple of more options where the payouts will vary quite a bit depending on the outcomes that you pick.

In most every case, the favorite here will be that the fight will go to a decision and will not be decided in the ring. If you take a wager on the fight ending early, you have a very good chance of profiting more than you risked, which is always good.

UFC Betting Props Explained

Like with any sport we see, props can cover quite a bit. In terms of the UFC prop odds that are formed, some of the common ones that you will see include the exact outcome of the fight. Will it be a draw? A decision? Knockout? Submission? There are a few different ways in which the fight can end, so expect some varying payouts as well.

It's not all about the fight result though, as other factors can come into the question as well. It really depends on the fight and what's at stake. If it's a championship title fight, you can see more props that can come along.

UFC Future Betting Odds Explained

UFC futures are a bit different than you might see in other sports. If a fight is scheduled months in advance, those betting lines are still considered fight lines, and not futures. For UFC futures, it almost has to be a mythical matchup. What we mean by this is that a matchup would be set down by a futures line to be fought by this date, usually well in advance because matchups are determined several months out to allow for plenty of time to train and prepare.

The futures matchups are usually the ones that fans most want to see, such as the biggest names and ticket/PPV draw to the sport. If there is no action then the wager is returned. But if the bet is set for a particular date and it passes without a fight, the wager is lost.

UFC Odds
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