If Bets Explained

An 'If Bet' is another type of wager that can be made on sports and helps with money management as well as reducing your exposure to big losses. While they can be compared to a parlay, they do not give the requirement that every bet must win in order to be successful, helping you in the short and long term. An If Bet is also different from a straight wager as it a combination of straight wagers by using the winnings of the first bet to bet on the second if the first bet was correctly guessed. Keep reading more below as we will cover the multiple types of If-Bets and help you understand betting odds that fuel them.

What Is An If Bet?

An 'If Bet' is a way to bet on multiple games but by using only one game’s action as your funding. In other words, if bets can only be made after the original wager is made. In short, “if this bet” wins, bet this scenario next. For example, if you place a wager on the original game and it's a winner, an If Bet would require the total payout to be risked on the next wager. If an If Bet is lost, the total payout is subtracted from the last bet made.

While many believe you must use an if bet through an order of games, the timing of the contests bear no merit. In other words, you can have your first selection of your “if bet” as a 4 pm EST game, while the second selection already concluded since it started at 1 pm EST. Simply put, the earlier game will still be wagered on assuming the later game was correctly bet on.

Example Of How If Bets Work

You choose to bet on the Atlanta Falcons, who are set as 3-point favorites over the New Orleans Saints at $110 to win $100. The second wager is one the New York Jets favored by 7 points over the Buffalo Bills at $120 to win $100. If the Falcons win, that entire $210 (the original bet plus the profit) goes to the next If Bet on the Jets. It would be $210 to win $190. If that wager is won, than the profit cash out of $400 is won. The worst that could happen if you lose the second bet after winning the first bet is that only the profit will be lost.

Types Of If Bets Offerd At Sportsbooks

There are two different types of If Bets that can be placed. The first type is an 'If Win Only'. An if win only bet is made only if the first part of the If Bet is won. The second type of wager on an If Bet is an 'Action' wager. An Action bet is made on the second part of the If bet regardless of the win or loss from the first bet.

An "If-win bet" is the choice of gamblers concerned with money management or those who like to spread their bets around a number of different games. In an if bet, the player wagers a fixed amount on one team, and if that team wins then the original bet amount is passed on to the next matchup, in most cases up to a maximum of seven if-wins.

The reason this type of bet is smart for bettors concerned with bankroll management is that an if-bet can limit your losses even when they're spread across multiple contests, sports, or teams.

Bovada Sportsbook - Best Sports Betting Site For If Bets

It is already known that Bovada has a lot of great bonuses and other things set for players to use to make money so it only makes sense to mention the If-bets here that players can wager on as well. With all the sports that are going on, there is more than other games and betting options for players to look into and use to make money at all times. These are the chances that players get when they sign up for an account Bovada

The if bets are the best on Bovada and there are many reasons why. Them if win bets tell it all and the things are these bets are tag to two games so the only thing that players can do is profit. Being correct on both of your games means big money on Bovada and all it takes is for players to have an account!

BetOnline Sportsbook - Best Sportsbook With For If Bets

When it comes to making a decision on what sportsbook to sign up for, it's clear its BetOnline is the top tier site for players to go to and what makes it easier to choose is the age requirement is 18 and older. The if bets here for favor for the players and many of them have their eyes on them soon as game start to kick off in many sports. For those who don’t know, if bets are when players use one profit to bet on the next wager.

Taking a risk can only make players a lot of money so when it comes to if bets, these have to be played on BetOnline no matter the sport. Most of the time the confidence goes up for players when winning the first part of their bet and that means to take a riskier bet which means more money to payout for winnings. This is huge on BetOnline so take a look!

SportsBetting's Sportsbook - Top Sportsbook With If Bets

All it takes is for a player to get an account with SportsBetting and it will change their life financially in a great way. Sports fans know that games are always going to be exciting so when it comes to placing major bets on them, that makes them even more exciting. This is one of the reasons why fans love sports so much because of the excitement it brings and then some as well.

The if bets are key to players win a lot of money because most of the time you see where one part of the bet wins means that the risk can be increased on the following game of the bet. Making sure that players get in their bets is huge for SportsBetting and most of the time winning is what happens.

MyBookie Sportsbook - If Bets On MyBookie Top Tier

MyBookie is already one of the best sportsbooks for bettors to sign up for so when they present the if bets as an add-on, it only makes it easier for players to see that this is the best sportsbook out of all options. Knowing that all games in all sports will be exciting when you place a bet on two teams using the winnings on one is more exciting. These games are already exciting for fans so when you can win money on them, that boosts everything up a level.

These bets are huge to most fans and the great thing is when you can use your winnings from the game, that means you can possibly take a bigger risk because of what you have won already. This is what makes if bets so fun to get involved in. So imagine betting on the Yankees to win and then once they do you have a chance to take a bigger risk on the Rays to win their game! More money can be won when it comes to MyBookie!

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