Teasers + Teaser Bets Explained

A teaser is another type of wager available to bet on sports. A Teaser is not a straight bet, but is more similar to a parlay, but comes with much different odds and odds of winning. Often under-utilized, the teaser can be a valued weapon in a bettor’s arsenal if they know how to use them correctly. These types of wagers allow for multiple selections or “legs” to make up one all-encompassing bet, but give the bettor a little more freedom with some help on the betting lines. Keep reading more below as we will explain further in-depth and help you understand how betting odds work when it comes to making a teaser bet

What Is A Teaser Bet

A teaser is akin to a parlay placed on a number of games, but the difference is that points are adjusted in order to help you. As you put together your selections onto your betting slip, instead of needing the lines as they are to hit, they will move a handful of points to make it more attainable. Of course, with this adjustment, the odds to win increase but that also means that you would not win the same amount that could be expected if you left it as a normal parlay. Like a parlay though, all of your selections must be correct and any one “leg” that was incorrectly chosen will result in a losing teaser wager.

Why Bet On Teasers

Teasers can be advantageous to bettors that are fond of using parlays, but are not comfortable with the particular spreads or totals that have been set within a desired game.

A teaser allows the line to be shifted for these parlay-type wagers so that the percentage of winning them goes up in theory. As such, it makes them easier to win, unlike the opposite of a teaser, which is a pleaser. A pleaser takes points away making it more difficult to win the line by increasing the spread. But then the payout is much higher. For more information on pleasers, please visit the preceding link.

Example Of How A Teasers Work

Say you want to take an NFL teaser on two games. The Green Bay Packers are favored by (-6) over the Detroit Lions, and the New England Patriots are (-3) favorites over the Baltimore Ravens. Those are the established betting lines for the two matchups by oddsmakers and you could take them just as they are (which is a parlay). But if you decide you want to take a teaser – let's use a six-point teaser as an example – the betting line is adjusted in your favor depending on which side of the betting line you want to bet.

So, say you like Green Bay and New England in this example. With a teaser, the betting lines will move so that the Patriots are now 3-point underdogs to Baltimore, and the Packers are now a pick'em against Detroit. Since the lines have moved, the payout is going to be less than leaving it as a parlay, but your odds of winning go up as it becomes much easier.

Other Types Of Teasers - Sweetheart Teasers

Another type of teaser bet that not all gamblers know about is the sweetheart teaser. Sweetheart teasers are a special type of teaser bet that rewards players who understand point spreads better than the average gambler. Available at some sportsbooks, especially those that cater to the US market, so-called sweetheart teasers exist that give the gambler even more points to play around with (anywhere from 10 or 13) but there is a catch. Sweetheart teasers require that you pick at least four to six teams. Pushes on sweetheart teasers make your entire bet a losing proposition.

Bovada Sportsbook - Best Sports Betting Site For Teaser Bets

Teaser bets are always fun and Bovada knows that which is why most players sign up for Bovada accounts. Getting a chance to place a teaser bet on Bovada is one of the huge plusses that players check out. This is where all the guys go and make money on bets that are favored for them. The line moves and looks much better for players with an account with Bovada. The teaser bets are put together by the player and it is customized by them. This is plenty of reason to get an account with Bovada

SportsBetting's Sportsbook - Tons Of Teaser Options With Adjustable Lines

SportsBetting has more than enough betting odds and options for players. The teaser options are here as well and this may be one of the more exciting betting options for players to pick and use. These teaser bets are more made by the players so this is where the player really feel confident in the bet they make on these teams as the lines can be moved. Moving points will happen with teaser bets and this is what intrigues SportsBetting account holders.

BetOnline Sportsbook - Best Sportsbook Bonuses And Promotions For Teaser Bets

A lot of games that are played are on BetOnline sportsbook. The age requirement for players to sign up is 18 and older. All it takes is for a player to be that age and they can have an account and place these teaser bets that are offered. These teaser bets are here for players to choose and it is for any sport and for all fans. There will always be bonuses as well so this means that they will be more money and free plays offerd to players. The teaser bets are at the top of the list for all players. Being able to see the points move in your favor is a massive bonus and that could happen on BetOnline.

MyBookie Sportsbook - Teaser Bets Here On MyBookie

It is ok to know that more money will be in your account if you take a few teaser bets on MyBookie. There are plenty of betting options but here on MyBookie, there is nothing wrong with players taking teasers bets. In fact, taking teaser bets could be as profitable as any other betting option like live betting on mobile betting. The moving of points is one thing that sticks out and usually, this is why players like to place teaser bets. This is just one way that players get win a lot of money on MyBookie.

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