2023 MLB Playoff Betting Odds

As the Major League Baseball postseason heats up, we are seeing more and more 2023 MLB playoff betting odds posted at online sportsbooks. MLB sports betting sites provide odds on everything, from the Wild Card round, to the division series round, the league championship round, and finally the World Series. Not only is it entertaining to make own individual predictions, but it gets even more exciting when there is money on the line. Plus, with so many different ways to bet, there are thousands of opportunities to make money betting on the MLB playoffs. Realistically, it’s not as easy as picking one of the numerous MLB betting lines and then instantly winning a grand or two. You have to understand the different betting odds and ways to wager, which is where we come in to help.

When you start betting on the 2023 MLB playoffs, we want you to know about as many of the betting odds and lines as possible. That is why we have compiled the current MLB playoff betting odds for various games. We also have MLB futures and props that you can bet on at any time to potentially increase your profits. Aside from getting the rundown on NL Pennant odds, World Series betting odds, and MLB series prices, we have the answers to a few commonly asked questions as well. By the time you get to the bottom of the page, you should have a solid understanding of how to bet on the 2023 MLB playoffs.

2023 World Series Odds

Until now, the Dodgers were the odds-on favorites for the entire 2023 playoffs. At Bovada, they were -270 to win the World Series after Game 1 against the Astros. Now, however, they go into Game 6 as +225 underdogs. With Justin Verlander – who’s having the best postseason of his career – taking the mound for the Astros with a chance to close out the World Series, the Dodgers will need some serious hometown magic to force a Game 7. Should they do that, their odds to win the World Series will climb considerably from where it stands now, as they’ll have a chance to throw Clayton Kershaw in middle relief. However, as -275 favorites to win it all, the Astros may not be willing to play ball. And if they play hard enough during Game 6, they won’t have to.

Odds To Win The Pennant

Odds To Win The 2023 NL Pennant

As expected, the Dodgers are taking care of business against the Cubs, and they go to Chicago up 2-0 in the NLDS. With -150 odds to win the NL Pennant when the series started, the Dodgers are now even bigger favorites. But if the 2016 postseason taught us anything, it’s that miracles can still happen. Maybe the Cubs turn it around at Wrigley and get back in the race? Or maybe the payout on a Cubs NLCS title is only going to get bigger.

Odds To Win The 2023 AL Pennant

So much for Cinderella – the Yankees are going to need more than a storybook ending to pull off the ALCS upset against the surging Astros. Like the Dodgers one league over, the Astros were heavy favorites going into the series and are even heavier ones now that they have a 2-0 lead on New York. Still, if you think the Yankees have a prayer, now’s the time to bet on them. After all, if they win Game 3, their potential series payout will shrink considerably. (At least for a game or two.)

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MLB Playoff Betting FAQ's

Is Betting On The MLB Playoffs Legal?

Betting on the MLB playoffs is legal when you use trusted baseball sports betting sites. The key is to use a site that is based offshore and licensed to accept American bettors. There are no US-licensed sports betting sites due to certain laws like the UIGEA and the Wire Act, and if you come across one this should be a red flag. Never use a local bookie, and do not put money into a site that is not reputable. There are no federal laws that make it illegal to bet on the MLB playoffs at a legitimate offshore sports betting site, so as long as you use a trustworthy site you are completely in the clear.

Is The Runline Like The Spread In Football?

The runline in baseball is quite similar to the spread in football. Rather than betting on the outright winner of a game, you will bet with a runline of 1.5. If you were to bet on the favorite (-1.5), they would need to win the game by at least 2 runs. If you bet on the underdog (+1.5), they would need to lose by 1 run or win the game straight up. Many MLB bettors prefer runlines because there is often more value than betting chalk on the moneyline. For example, let’s say that the Houston Astros have -125 betting odds to win against the Boston Red Sox, but the Astros runline is posted at +170. If you bet $100 on the Houston Astros runline and the team wins by at least two runs, you win $170 versus $80. The runline is popular when wagering on MLB playoff betting odds.

What Is The Best Deposit Method For US Bettors At Online Baseball Betting Sites?

The best deposit method for US bettors at online baseball betting sites is bitcoin. Bitcoin is the digital currency that has become the #1 banking method for online sports betting. You can send coins from your bitcoin wallet to that of the online sportsbook. There are no credit card numbers to enter, or bank account information to provide. Transactions are 100% guaranteed, unlike credit cards which are convenient but can be declined. Bitcoin deposits at online baseball sportsbooks are instant and carry no sportsbook deposit fees. To get started with placing your wagers on MLB playoff betting odds quickly, use bitcoin to make your online sportsbook deposit.

What Is A Deposit Bonus?

A deposit bonus is bonus money that a sports betting site gives you for funding your sportsbook account. Typically, a deposit bonus will be in the form of a match bonus, where the online cashier gives you a certain percentage of the amount that you deposit. For example, if you claim a 75% match bonus and deposit $400, the sportsbook will reward you with a $300 bonus for a total of $700 to wager with. Deposit bonuses will usually go into a separate free-play account rather than into your real money account. You will be able to use your bonus on MLB playoff betting odds and any other sport that you prefer. Pay attention to any rollover requirements, which is the number of times that you must wager your deposit and bonus before being able to request a payout.