Online Sportsbooks + Sports Betting Sites

Looking for places where you can bet on sports online? This page is designed to help you pick out a online sportsbook to bet on sports at, which we consider very important here at Betting sports on the Internet is extremely popular in today's age. Each year, the access to these sports betting sites increases as more people have the ability to create accounts. The goal of this page is to give our readers the necessary information to use going forward for their online sports betting endeavors. This not only includes actual real sites to where accounts can be created, but also what can be expected to be found on those sites, and the different parts of a sportsbook to navigate.

Best Online Sportsbooks + Sports Betting Sites

There are several great online sports betting sites that will feature hundreds of betting odds and a plethora of wager types for their account holders to bet real money, and win big. The sportsbooks that can be found immediately below all meet the high standards that we set to determine how high a quality product they present. In this case, the focus is what betting odds can be expected to be found, and where the sportsbooks excel in certain sections.

Bovada Sportsbook - Best Sports Betting Site For Players In America

We start at the very top with Bovada Sportsbook, which arguably has the most widespread and respected reputation of any online sports betting site we discuss. Bovada can be found as a source used by networks like ESPN and others for displaying the latest betting lines offered. There is a reason for that, it's because Bovada is one of the best.

Bovada welcomes players from the United States, though residents in Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, and New York are not accepted. Those who do have accounts at Bovada will have the hundreds of betting odds that can be made. Bovada features many wager types as well, such as the ever-popular parlays. And for interactive wagering, Bovada's live betting section puts bettors right in the middle of the action.

BetOnline Sportsbook - Among The Best NFL Betting Sites Online

BetOnline has it all to compete with the best in the online sports betting industry. They offer great competitive odds plus plenty other extra incentives to keep their account holders happy. BetOnline is always among the first betting sites to release upcoming game odds, which gives their players more time to check out what is featured and to research the pending matchup.

One of the nice things about BetOnline is that they accept all 50 states. BetOnline is based out of Panama, but makes it easy on the American player to bet real money. And with the ever-changing times, BetOnline has a mobile betting option where players can wager from their mobile device. - One Of Best Online Sportsbooks For USA Players

Prior to signing up at any one of these sports betting sites listed on this page, you would be doing yourself justice to consult Sports Betting. If you do, you might just get hooked when you see the betting odds that they offer.

You will probably notice a similar look that Sports Betting has to other online betting websites such as BetOnline. That’s because they are under the same company. SportsBetting says that all players in the U.S. of legal betting age are able to create an account. To sign up for a new account, the process will take just a couple of minutes. Once done, you will be eligible for up to $1,000 free thanks to a 75% match bonus that is granted when using the bonus code "NEW1000".

5Dimes Sportsbook - Best Online Sportsbook For Buying Points

All of the sportsbooks listed here have great betting odds to pick from, but when it comes to the crème of the crop its 5Dimes. We say this because 5Dimes offers betting lines that no other sportsbook does; it's a simple as that. And it's not wacky betting odds that are offered, its unique betting lines from different perspectives with a variety of payouts that make 5Dimes great.

This is demonstrated most often in the futures sections and props sections of the sportsbook. Whereas some sportsbooks might have only a few Super Bowl odds, conference odds, and division lines for NFL futures, 5Dimes expands upon it significantly, giving their bettors some fun and new options.

Choosing The Right Place To Bet Sports Online

We've given you several top-quality choices that all would be good options to place a bet on sports. But what you have to consider is your uniqueness as a bettor. There are a variety of other factors outside of the betting lines that come into play when considering the right place for you to bet sports online. The following outlines a few key points that we believe you should take into consideration.

Which Online Sportsbooks Have The Best Betting Odds?

The truth is that one sportsbook may have the best odds on one game while another one has the best for a different game. The best thing you can do is pick out the sportsbook you trust the most and just use their lines. If you are a real serious bettor, then we suggest that you sign up at multiple sportsbooks and shop the lines for every game you bet on. Overall, all of the sports betting sites we list have pretty much the same odds.

Sports You Want + Ways To Bet On Them

If a sportsbook doesn't have the sport or league you are looking to wager on, it's obviously not going to get much of your attention. But even if it does, bettors like to have different wager types. Straight bets are always available, but for those bettors who like to use other options like parlay, if-bets, teasers, or pleasers for example, you will want to be at a sportsbook that offers them.

Fortunately, many online sports betting sites bring these choices to the forefront of the betting lines, and will outline what is available in a help section should that be required.

Easy Deposit Methods + Quick Ways To Get Paid

When it comes to betting real money, a sports betting site should meet the needs that a bettor is looking for. Different sportsbooks will have different deposit options. While in general there are probably similar options, you will want to make sure that there is an easy deposit method that you are comfortable with, whether it be a credit card, wire transfer, or something else that is offered.

The same can be said for payouts. While the withdrawal process might be the last step to getting your winnings, it should be one of the first things investigated by you as a bettor. Making sure that you are comfortable with the options, timeframe of receiving the payout, and any potential fees that come with the various methods are all important.

Accepts Users Where You Live

This section is included below some other points of emphasis, but if you aren't accepted than the rest of the information is not relevant. Sportsbooks will have specific information relating to the states and areas that they accept at their site. Typically that will come in the signup phase when you select you area. Only accepted states and areas will be available to be clicked on.

Optional Features To Look For

This comes down to the preferences you like as a bettor. Something might be important over another, such as the features of mobile betting. Are you on your computer, or would you like to bet from your phone when you are on-the-go? Like the idea of live betting? Check out the section on live betting offered at a sportsbook.

Sportsbooks That Have Live Betting

This plays right into the next topics of discussion, as we get into live betting. Sportsbooks that offer it will have their own section dedicated only to live betting. When entering the section, the sports and games that are offered will be organized in some fashion. Games that are live and available at the time will be able to be clicked on, plus a schedule of upcoming games that can be bet will be available as well. Live betting can be some of the most fun wagering experiences a bettor can have.

Mobile Online Sports Betting

With the advance in mobile devices and smartphones, sports betting has come with the times as well - many sites have developed a mobile version of the sites to allow their account holders to bet wherever they may be. They aren’t really considered applications because there isn't a download, but when going on the site they are mobile-device-friendly, making for easy navigation on the user interface.

Getting Started At Online Sportsbooks

You've got all of the information that we said is needed at the beginning of this page to get started in your online sports betting. No matter what type of bettor you are, the startup process is the same. The advice is the same as well.

Consult several sportsbooks and take notice of the various differences in the aspects of the site that are most relevant to you. Whether its deposits, betting odds, or payouts, all the information will be there.