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SSports odds are what you will find in bulk when you choose to visit SportsBetting. It's clear and to the point what this online sports betting site is about. SportsBetting provides its account holders with a multitude of great opportunities to bet on the most popular sports leagues in the United States and around the world. SportsBetting odds provide terrific payouts and give bettors a chance to place a variety of different wagers, ensuring that everyone will be able to find some wager that bet that piques their interest.

This page will provide you with a crash course as to what betting lines and wager types can be found at SportsBetting and explanations of each. In addition to information on the betting odds, there will be multiple topics examined that are all related to sports wagering at SportsBetting. This includes starting at the very beginning with the signup process and ultimately concluding with payout method accepted and how a player can make withdrawals after winning a wager. From top to bottom, everything having to do with SportsBetting sportsbook will be discussed.

Does SportsBetting Allow U.S. Players? - Who Can Bet On Sports There?

American sports bettors of legal age to gamble in their state are allowed to join SportsBetting and place wagers legally. There are no restrictions on anyone the 50 states, allowing for US citizens nationwide to become members. SportsBetting is arguably the most American-friendly sports betting site out there, so they definitely want U.S. bettors to join and do business with them.

SportsBetting Lines + Betting Odds Types

There are many different kinds of betting odds that are offered at SportsBetting and each type can be broken down into easy-to-understand categories. This way, bettors will be able to easily recognize what they are looking at and conclude which betting odds they find to be the most favorable for the wagers they wish to make.

Game Lines - Normal Day-to-Day Wagers On Individual Games + Matchups

Most who are familiar with sports betting odds should be able to recognize the parts that make up a game line. SportsBetting features tons of game lines in all of the sections for the sports that are offered. There are three components to the game lines offered at's sportsbook. They are the point spread, the moneyline, and the game total.

Point Spread - Point spreads are extremely popular to bet on a team to beat the spread at SportsBetting. But what does this mean? Well, games will come installed with a handicap system called a spread. This wager evens the playing field for teams perceived not to be equally talented. The spread allows for the bettor to place a bet on beating that betting line, versus picking the outright winner of the game.

Moneyline - The point spread leads right into the moneyline, especially when talking about the outright winner of a game. Bettors should be able to recognize moneyline wagers as they are marked by a plus "+” or minus "-" symbol that precedes them which is the American standard for odds listings.

Total - The total doesn't have to do with wins and losses or who is going to beat who. At SportsBetting, you will be able to wager on the totals for a game, whether it be runs for baseball, goals for soccer and hockey, or points for most any other sport. A totals wager is the combined score of both teams during a match. The bettor can choose the over or under of the number listed. The bet is made on a higher or lower total than what the game total line has been set at by SportsBetting oddsmakers.

Future Betting Odds - Big Payout On Small Investment Make These Popular

Futures bets are some of the most fun betting lines to wager on at a sportsbook. SportsBetting is loaded with great futures wagers. Futures has its own section at SportsBetting, and you will see that this section is broken down by sport and then from there into the different leagues within that sport. Clicking through the futures odds will present you with what is offered. Oftentimes there will be championship betting lines, where all teams in the league are given odds. Futures odds can be wagered on whether a sport is in season or not. They stay relatively consistent out of season, but during the year can change quite often due to incoming statistics. The later in the season, the smaller the payout for a futures bet.

Proposition Odds - SportsBetting Is The Best On All Types Of Prop Wagers

Like all other major online sportsbooks, breaks down their prop odds into separate sections for both player and team/game proposition wagers. Wagering the prop odds at SportsBetting is fun because there is more freedom when looking for a winning wager within a game; betting a prop likely means the bettor isn't relying on a particular team to get the victory, or even win by a certain amount, which can be very difficult to project over the course of a game. Beyond all of what normally makes prop wagers so much fun, SportsBetting is known for having lots of unique props that often can't be found with other sportsbooks, online or land-based! Props are the most entertaining and random wagers a bettor can take part in.

Team Prop Odds - There can be dozens of team prop betting odds for one game alone, so when you expand upon that you can think of how many games are played in sports throughout the year, and then how many prop odds can come along with those. Team prop odds don't have a strict set of rules of what they have to be, which can make them feel fresh for SportsBetting account holders.

Player Prop Odds - The performance of a player in a game or during the course of a season is the general definition of a player prop betting line. SportsBetting has no shortage of player prop odds that are offered here. In fact, all of the betting lines are available to view even without an account.

In-Play Game Lines + Odds

If bettors don't make a wager in time, or maybe they want to see how the start of a game goes before getting in on the action the in-play section at SportsBetting is the place they will want to go when visiting the site.  Odds are re-adjusted and reformed with the progression of the game, giving more betting opportunities for gamblers to place money on. SportsBetting is an industry leader in the amount of betting chances that are available for any given game, which is certainly a reason why it's so popular among sports bettors.

SportsBetting Provides Online Betting Opportunities On These Sports:

NFL Football | College Football + Basketball | NBA | MLB | NASCAR | UFC | PGA Golf | Soccer | Tennis

SportsBetting Wager Types + Options

The wagers you can make at SportsBetting are an important subject to cover as well. In addition to betting odds, we want to make sure that bettors are informed about what wagers SportsBetting allows their players to participate in.

Straight Wagers - All of the bets mentioned so far can be considered a straight bet. If a wager is made against the spread, that is an example of a straight wager. A dollar amount is laid down on one bet where it either wins or loses. Straight bets or moneylines are simple wagers where picking the loser or winner of a match is all that needs to be done.

Parlay - Payouts can be high with parlays depending on how many bets are in on the action. The more bets in a parlay, the higher the payout. For a parlay to win, all of the bets made within that single parlay will have to hit, which would then pay the designated amount. Parlay wagers are risky but very rewarding.

Teaser - Sometimes the point spread of a game might not be to your liking. This is where a teaser wager becomes convenient. It is available at SportsBetting for a couple of major sports. A teaser enables the bettor to sacrifice a portion of a payout in order to move that bet more favorably towards the line.

If-Bet - An if-bet wager is a type of linked wager, in the same family as a parlay wager. The first bet in an if-bet wager has to hit for the wager to stand any chance of winning. If that happens, bettors can continue down the train of if-bets until they want to stop. If the first bet is lost, all is lost.

Reverse - The if-bet is a part of a reverse wager in the sense that the winnings from the previous wager will carry over if the wager is won. The difference here though is that a reverse bet will include the opposite as well, with double action on tap should the bettor want to be part of this kind of action.

Round Robin - This type of wager allows for several parlays to get in on the action at the same time. Between three and eight teams can be selected for a round-robin at SportsBetting.

Other Ways To Wager On Sports: SportsBetting Has Live Sports Betting!!!

For some exciting betting action, SportsBetting gives players the chance to place live bets on games. Live bets can cover alternate game lines, team props, player props, and game props. The sky's the limit as to what the next betting line coming out of a game might be. The statistics and wagers are constantly changing because the bettor is placing bets as the action happens right in front of their eyes.

Live sports betting used to be only a few games per week. Now, there are daily games available for live in-game wagering. SportsBetting is among the top sportsbooks for offering the most live betting lines online to their members.

Important Details To Consider Before Joining SportsBetting

This is the third section of what should be considered important information because like we said at the beginning, while the odds are very important there are other factors to consider when wagering on sports. Among these important factors should be an understanding of how to play at SportsBetting outside of just recognizing the odds and selecting the type of wager you want to place.

SportsBetting Wager Limits - Fair If Not Generous, Subject To Player Status

There are no limits to the amount of money that can be placed on a single bet at SportsBetting. In fact, the dollar amount varies by the sport you are interested in, as well as the betting line, and the wager type. But the good news is that lays it out for its users in an easy-to-understand table under their rules and policies section on their site. If you have any questions about this, be sure to visit that part of their sportsbook for further information.

Getting Money In + Out Of SportsBetting - Deposit + Withdrawal Options

Depositing funds into their accounts and getting their winnings out is something that bettors shouldn't have to worry about at an online sportsbook. This is exactly the case at SportsBetting. With some great deposit options to get your account going and bets made, SportsBetting ranks among the best. And in terms of payouts, they are fast, safe, and reliable. SportsBetting has an entire department dedicated to both deposits and payouts to answer any of your questions. Complete listings of available methods are on their site.

Deposit Bonuses + SportsBetting Player Promotions

A new member bonus of up to $500 can be received after making your first deposit. The promotion will match 50% of your deposit up to the $500 in free bets using the promo code 2019TD. SportsBetting also offers its loyal members a lifetime of bonuses with every deposit they make. Member will receive a 25% match of each deposit up to $500 in free cash. The promo code to redeem this reward is FORLIFE.

There are different rewards programs and promotional offers that are found at SportsBetting during the year. SportsBetting likes to reward their account holders with free cash and prizes so it's advisable to always be on the lookout for their latest promotions by checking the promotions page weekly.

Other Features Available When Betting At SportsBetting

Mobile Sports Gambling, Betting On Sports Through Your Phone - Take SportsBetting on the road with you, as there is the mobile betting platform available to all their members. This option can be accessed by a wide variety of mobile devices and is very user-friendly to navigate. The complete desktop sportsbook is within the mobile site. Bettors can even sign up and start their accounts right from their mobile devices. There are no restrictions as to what can be done when using their mobile option.

Casino, Poker, Horse Racing - What you also might notice when visiting SportsBetting is the fact that it has a casino, poker room, and a racebook for bettors to get in on. The casino feature is a full casino with a variety of different games. The same can be said for the poker room as well, with more than $160,000 per month in prizes available across all their tournaments including sit n go tourneys!

Ready To Sign Up At SportsBetting? Here Are The Details...

If you are looking to join SportsBetting, know that they provide a very simple process for all of their potential members. It won't take long and once your account is verified, you will be able to deposit funds into it. After a deposit had been made, placing wagers can begin immediately. For any questions about SportsBetting, you can contact their customer service staff by phone, email, or live chat.