Presidential Election Betting Odds Explained

Trump - Biden​What is more fun to bet on then the fate of our country? It might come as a surprise that the Presidential election is one of the most popular betting events in the world, and with the advent of online gambling sites, there are multiple venues to get you in on the action. Betting on Presidential candidates is very similar to betting on your favorite team. You do a little research on each competitor, take a look at the future odds and past handicaps, and place your bets accordingly. There has never been a better time to get in on the race.

There are many options available for aspiring election gamblers. With numerous legal wagering sites functioning across the globe, millions of Americans are betting every day in safe and secure environments. These trusted sites are backed by U.S. media giants such as ESPN and CNBC, and maintain reputations of superior prestige.

This page will fill you in on the mechanics of Presidential wagering, as well as review some of the best gambling sites out there at the moment. We have gone through all of the top-rated betting sites with a fine-toothed comb in order to give you what we believe to be the cream-of-the-crop.

Different Types Of Presidential Betting Odds

Individual Odds For Who Will Be The Next President Of The United States

Of course, the most popular means of betting on the Presidential election is simply betting on who you believe will win the election. Out of the entire pool of candidates, you can pick one and keep your fingers crossed until November in hopes that they will win. The further out you make your bet, the bigger the payout will be. As the election draws near, you will see odds for those most favored to win the election begin to even out closer to on-to-one odds.

While the election is still a ways away you can bet on the futures of the candidates, as well as which party will emerge victorious. You will be betting on an outcome that is some time away, weighing your decision by personal research as well as bookmakers predictions and expert opinion, and just like a sportsbook there will be handicaps. As with most futures betting, you can wager on who will win the race and see how much you stand to win by looking at the fractional odds. Candidate A is a favorite their odds may be 13/10, for example. With these odds, if you bet $20, you would receive $26. All the best betting sites do this math for you.

Odds For The Republican Party Or Democratic Party To Win Presidency

Another great way to win big is to bet on the party line. Will it be the Democrats or the Republicans? These future bets work similar to a money line in that you will have a favorite (negative number) and an underdog (positive number), the negative number representing how much you need to bet to win $100, and the positive number representing how much you will win if you bet $100. The party odds are determined by popular and expert opinion, just like any futures bet.

Presidential Election Odds at Bovada

Prop Bets For The Presidential Election

Some of the propositional bets that revolve around the election include who will win the first debate, or which candidate might do better or worse with a certain demographic. You can bet on the primaries and the caucuses held in each state, as well as most events which involve a winner or a loser up to Election Day. And you can bet on the popular vote vs. electoral vote as well as the gender of the winner.

State primary odds open up around the beginning of the election year. This allows you to follow the campaigns of both parties, and play the stakes right up until the nomination. You can bet on each party’s primaries in states that are undecided on who will be chosen to represent the party in the upcoming election.

The over/under electoral vote count is done on a candidate by candidate basis, and you are simply betting on whether a certain candidate get more or less than the predetermined number of electoral college votes. The agreed upon amount will be different for each candidate based his/her odds for the upcoming election. This betting line usually doesn’t appear on sites until a week or so before the election.

Similar to the electoral vote count, you can bet on odds to win popular votes. The difference between the electoral vote and popular vote, is that a candidate can win the popular vote but still lose the election. Popular vote odds are presented the same way electoral votes are, with candidate A or candidate B to win. The popular vote pool should open up within a month of Election Day.

Another fun way to wager on the Presidential race is done by picking one candidate or the other to win a particular swing state. These are states that could to go either way, Democrat or Republican, and usually have a big impact on the election. If a candidate is considered a 2 to 1 favorite to win a specific swing state and the underdog ends up winning that state, those who bet on the underdog would win a hefty amount of money. Odds for swing state betting usually don’t appear until shortly before the election.

Betting Odds For Which Presidential Candidate Will Win A Particular State

Many sites will have odds on who will win individual states. If you think candidate A has good odds on winning the Ohio vote, you can bet on just that state, instead of the entire election. If candidate A and Candidate B are fighting for presidency and candidate A wins the Ohio vote, yet candidate B wins the election, you can still win if you bet on candidate A to take Ohio. These bets can spice up the fun by giving you more to bet on than just who wins the election, as you can win a few battles even if the candidate you choose loses the war.

Electoral Votes, Handicapping, And Margin Of Victory

There is usually a popular and electoral betting pool in which you can bet on how many votes each candidate will win by, as well as the percentage difference between popular and electoral votes. These types of wagers can be very exciting as Election Day draws near, as you can watch the state by state results live on TV or on the web. Electoral vote handicapping results in the “spread” of electoral votes that you can bet on, evening the playing field just like a point spread. Rather than winning outright, the newly elected president must win by more than the spread for bets on the favorite to win.

There is no limit to the ways you can bet on our nation’s future leader, and the websites we review will give the best odds and up to date betting lines in the world.

Bovada Sportsbook - Best Sports Betting Site For Players In America

We all know that sports are mainly what players can vote on when they get on to their Bovada sportsbook. There are plenty of things that most players can bet on but here in 2020 there is something called the presidential race that is important in our country and a lot of people can take a break from betting on sports games and take stab at betting on the who wins the presidential race on the Bovada. Bovada has it all and having the presidential race is just one huge bonus. Players can place big money on the race and use the winnings to prepare for the other sports games coming up.

MyBookie Sportsbook - The Race Is On Going On At MyBookie

MyBookie is one of the best online sportsbooks that have all the things and that includes the presidential race that has some candidates. This time there is plenty of voting that needs to be done so that means that sports need to be put on hold. This is something that happens every four years and this is bettors would put their big money on. There will be plenty of different bets on voting that can make players make a lot of money. With MyBookie being one of the sportsbooks that offer the best political betting odds, sports are the only one thing that bettors can find themselves placing wagers on at MyBookie. Well, the presidential election is very huge so this will be one wagering opportunity for players on MyBookie as well.

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