BetOnline Sportsbook Review -

BetOnline Sportsbook has all of the different things needed to be one of the best sports betting sites in the industry. For those who many not know, it's not all about the betting odds and lines featured that determine whether or not a sportsbook is highly-rated, though they certainly play an important role. BetOnline excels in the betting odds department, but its other areas in addition to that that make it one of the top-rated sites around.

Exactly what that entails is the theme of all sportsbook reviews including the one done for BetOnline. A complete review of BetOnline follows below with the betting odds on the site discussed in detail as well as the other important facets of the sportsbook. You'll feel like an expert skilled in BetOnline knowledge by the time you're done reading this, knowing exactly what happens for those who choose to open a new account with the site and partake in some fun and fantastic online sports betting at BetOnline.

Does BetOnline Allow U.S. Players? - Who Can Bet On Sports At BetOnline?

This is a popular question and we are happy to say that BetOnline does accept bettors from the United States. And best of all, there are no limits as to who is accepted. BetOnline allows bettors from each of the 50 states in the U.S. the chance to sign up. An age limit of 18 is required, but BetOnline also can refer to the state age in your area if you live in the U.S. This means if the legal age of sports betting in your state is 21, you have to wait until you are 21 to sign up. You will be risking a ban on your account and the loss of your winnings if you try to bet underaged, so we do not recommend or condone it. BetOnline operates in Panama, so it is legal for U.S. bettors to make a wager.

BetOnline Sports Betting Odds + Lines Types

Betting odds are a large portion of what BetOnline is about, but it's not the only thing that you should be aware of when looking at signing up here. There are other important factors, which we want to highlight below. This is covering what's available at BetOnline Sportsbook from another angle by centering on the operation and how an account holder is able to wager real money at the site.

Game Lines - Normal Day-to-Day Wagers On Individual Games + Matchups

Game lines are the main type of betting line found at BetOnline, spanning all of the different sports with these match up odds. BetOnline's game lines consist of three different parts, just like you will find on most sportsbooks.

Spread - BetOnline has competitive betting odds against the spread. The point spread is when a team has to win or lose within a certain number of points to cover the spread. Let’s say the point spread is +/- 5.5 points. If the favorite team wins only by 3 points, then it is actually the losing team that covers the spread and they will payout. Spread betting makes things more exciting because you have to consider not only who will win if they will win by a certain number of points.

Moneyline - There is not spread involved in BetOnline's moneylines for a bet on a game. This is the most straightforward type of sports bet that you can make. You need to bet on who will win the match. Moneyline betting is what most people think of when they are asked about sports betting. If you are looking for a starting point, we suggest moneyline betting.

Totals - Betting on the over or under of a game total is also a popular betting line and the last part of the game lines installed at this sportsbook. Predicted totals will be set prior to the start of a game, with bettors able to lay down a wager on either side of the total. Totals bet is betting whether you think the total number of points at the end of the game will be over or under what BetOnline has set.

Future Betting Odds - Big Payout On Small Investment Make These Popular

A wager at BetOnline on future odds can be among the highest payouts received for a straight bet, depending. Futures bets consist of a wager made on an outcome that can be months away or even longer. Good examples of futures bets include odds to win championships. Every sport will have a championship. In the NFL it's the Super Bowl, college football has the BCS Championship, and baseball has the World Series. Odds to win all of these are considered futures wagers. Futures odds at BetOnline can be found both in the offseason and during the season for different sports.

Proposition Odds - BetOnline Is The Best With All Types Of Prop Wagers

Prop betting odds are essentially every other type of straight wager that can be made at BetOnline that are not game lines or futures. Props cover a wide range of different outcomes, which definitely makes them interesting and popular at this sportsbook.

Team Prop Odds - BetOnline's team prop odds consist of different outcomes relating to teams, obviously. But what they entail exactly could cover odds on a single game, or even a season. Prior to a season, BetOnline likes to release season win totals for teams in the NFL and college football. These are good examples of team props. But then within a game, team props can be centered on outcomes that match two teams together, such as the first to score 10 points in an NBA game.

Player Prop Odds - Player props have a similar focus as team props, but obviously directed at individual players. Think of BetOnline's player props as based on their individual performance in a game, or during the season. Most Valuable Player odds for a season are popular BetOnline player props. But then within a game, passing yards for a quarterback in a game is a good example of a type of player prop at BetOnline. They can offer dozens for each matchup, which can add up to several hundred prop odds per day and week.

In-Play Game Lines + Odds

BetOnline in play betting odds form wagers on games that have already started, and have been adjusted according to how the game has gone through certain points. For example, BetOnline can release second-half betting odds for a game that is currently in halftime. Oddsmakers take into account what happened in the first half, and make a betting line reflect that. It's not just about game lines though, as in-play prop odds have the potential to be formed as well depending on the matchup.

BetOnline Provides Online Betting Opportunities On These Sports:

NFL Football | College Football + Basketball | NBA | MLB | NASCAR | UFC | PGA Golf | Soccer | Tennis

BetOnline Betting Types

Now let's get into the actual wager types that can be made at BetOnline, because there a plenty that are offered. BetOnline is one of the most complete sportsbooks out there, and a large reason for that is the availability of different wagers for their account holders to make.

Straight Wagers - BetOnline's most popular wager type is a straight wager. This is betting on a game line, player prop, team prop, or futures wager straight up. It's essentially a single bet placed on an outcome which wins or loses.

Parlay - A parlay bet gets away from the straight bet. BetOnline offers parlays which are very popular. Parlays link different outcomes together, with all of the bets in a single parlay having to win in order for the parlay to win. For those who are looking for high payouts, a parlay is a way to go. Though with high reward, comes high risk.

Teaser - Teaser are limited at BetOnline to only football and basketball, because they are a wager based on shifting the point spread. Shifting the spread curtails the payout, but that is the point of a teaser to help make the bet easier to win.

If-Bet - If-bets at BetOnline can be done as well. An if-bet wager puts two outcomes together, where if the first bet wins, then it would go on to the next wager that a player made. If that second wager wins, then the if-bet wins.

Reverse - A reverse wager puts two if-bets together, allowing for all outcomes which have to hit in order for the bet to win. Reverse wagers aren't the most popular betting type to make at BetOnline, because most will prefer the parlay.

Round Robin - A round robin is a bit like a parlay wager that is made. Bettors pick several game or outcomes to wager on, and then the bets have to hit across the board like a round robin in a tournament.

Other Ways To Wager On Sports: BetOnline Has Live Sports Betting!!!

The live betting section at BetOnline might be one of the best in the industry. BetOnline has had live betting for quite a while, being one of the pioneers to feature it on their site. Live betting allows the bettor to check out games and place a bet on outcomes that are being determined as the game is being decided in competition.

Live betting odds at BetOnline can come and go very quickly, so when sitting in the section and looking at the different wagers the time to act is very limited. Bettors are under no obligation to place a wager as they watch the lines go by. For bettors who like instant gratification though, this is great.

Important Details To Consider Before Joining BetOnline

The key aspect of any online sports betting site is what they are able to offer their prospective players interested in the site. With that in mind, we lead off with the betting odds and lines that can be found on site. BetOnline's odds are definitely the main reason that this sports betting site is considered a top-tier operation but there are other factors that must be weighed.

BetOnline Betting Limits - Fair If Not Generous, Subject To Player Status

BetOnline has a 'Wager Limits' section detailing exactly how much bets are limited to both by sport and by wager type. They are not consistent across the board so it's important to check them out and see the limits for the type of bet that you want to make, especially if you are a bigger bettor. As an example, in the sport of football, the wager limit is $1,000 in both the NFL and college football when betting on game lines.

Getting Money In + Out Of BetOnline - Deposit + Withdrawal Options

The means to fund an account and bet real money on site start with the deposit options at BetOnline. There are several that are offered. They cover a wide range of options as well, including credit cards (Visa and American Express) as well as wire transfers, money orders, and a bank wire. And when it comes to receiving a payout from BetOnline's sportsbook, there are many choices as well. BetOnline gets payouts to players very quickly. They have never had account holder complaints for receiving a payout.

Deposit Bonuses + BetOnline Player Promotions

There are plenty of promotions that BetOnline has for players to give them a chance to have leg up on the betting competition. If you are completely new to BetOnline, then we recommend you check out the 50% Welcome Bonus. On your first deposit for up to $1,000, you will get a 50% bonus when you sign up. All you need to do is enter the promo code BOL1000 and you are ready to get started on your sports betting adventure.

If you like using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, DASH, or Litecoin, you can get a 100% bonus for up to $1,000 on your first crypto deposit. Just use the promo code CRYPTO100 when you make your crypto deposit and you are set to go. For those who have using BetOnline for a while now, you can use the 25% Sports Reload Bonus to boost your funds. Just enter the promo code LIFEBONUS when you make a qualifying deposit and you can get a 25% boost. These are all excellent ways for you to maximize your profits on BetOnline.

Other Features Available When Betting At BetOnline

Mobile Sports Gambling, Betting On Sports Through Your Phone - One of the coolest features that BetOnline has is their mobile version of the site. No longer do account holders have to place a wager at home in front of their computer. They can do it anywhere they have a connection! This opens the doors to bettors by expanding access to the sportsbook from several locations + settings - bettors will never again miss out on placing a wager simply because they couldn't get to the computer in time.

Casino, Poker, Horse Racing - BetOnline is a fantastic sportsbook, but they also offer a casino and poker that players can get in on. In fact, betting at the sportsbook is not required with a BetOnline account. There are some players who choose to take advantage only of the casino games offered, or the different poker rooms. BetOnline poker has tables and tournaments that span many different limits.

Ready To Sign Up At BetOnline? Here Are The Details...

To create a new account at BetOnline, make sure you've got at least 5 minutes but chances are that you won't need that long. The information to actually get your account going only includes a few things to make sure you are who you say you are. Once created, your account needs to be verified through the email sent. BetOnline uses your email address as your login, and a unique password that you are able to create.