Super Bowl 54 Betting Odds Explained

Bovada SportsbookHundreds of millions of people in the United States and around the world tune in annually for the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is much more than a football game, it's become a mega event surrounded by entertainment. The extent of the game stretches so far that even a 30-second commercial spot during the broadcast costs companies several million dollars. Outside of those dollars spent, betting on the Super Bowl produces the largest influx of money into sportsbooks seen all year long. Las Vegas comes out with annual numbers following the big game as to how much was wagered, which side received the most action + more.

From a numbers standpoint, there are more betting lines formed for Super Bowl matchups than any other single game in any sport. The goal of this page is to educate readers on all the different types of Super Bowl betting lines and ways to bet on the Super Bowl because there is plenty of action outside of the game lines which many fans + casual sports gamblers do not know about. Everything from props that concern the pregame + halftime show, in-game coverage and other events have also become extremely popular and readers can get up to speed on it here.

Super Bowl 54 Point Spread Explained

New England Patriots -3 (Favorites) - This means that if you bet on the patriots at -3, then they must win by 4 for you to win your bet and get paid, or win by 3 to push and get your money back. If they win by two or less then you lose.

Los Angeles Rams +3 (Underdog) - The rams getting three points mean that they can still lose the game by 2 points, and you will still win your bet.

Super Bowl 54 Moneyline Explained

First of all, the moneyline means that you are just betting on who wins the game. It does not matter by how much, just who wins. You pay higher juice if you take the Patriots or get better odds if you take the Rams.

New England Patriots -132 - This means that if you bet on the patriots to win, you would have to bet $132 to win $100.

LA Rams +112 - This means that you get paid $112 if you bet just $100 on them to win.

Super Bowl 54 Over / Under Explained

Over / Under 57.5 - Betting on the over or under means that you are betting on the total number of points put up between both teams.

Betting The OVER in Super Bowl 54 - This means that if you want to bet the over, then the total of both teams needs to be at or above 58 at the end to win.

Betting The UNDER in Super Bowl 54 - This means that you need the total of both teams to be 57 or below at the end of the game.

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Game Lines - Future Odds - Prop Betting - Wager Types - Where To Bet

Point Spread + Other Game Lines

The point spread for the Super Bowl is released within hours after the conference championship games. With a bye week in between the conference titles and the Super Bowl, online sportsbooks will have odds up for roughly 14 days. Game lines for the Super Bowl will remain up until kickoff. The point spread released at the onset is the 'opening line'. This may change over the course of the two weeks or it may stay the same. The line shift depends on how bets are placed. If one side of the line is receiving more action than the other, the point spread will be adjusted. This is to balance out the wagers from the perspective of the sportsbook. A line could move as little as a half-point or it could be several points.

When betting on the moneyline, the user will see the payout to win the game straight up for both teams playin in the Super Bowl. In essence, it's a bet picking the winner of the game. With no spread, the payouts could vary significantly. The favorite in the game would pay out less than the underdog without a point spread. The goal of the spread is to even out the perceived handicap by oddsmakers.

The third aspect to Super Bowl game lines is the game total or the over/under as it is known in some cases. This is a wager made on the total points scored between the two teams in the contest. Like the point spread, this number can be adjusted based on the money wagered. Game totals take into consideration a wide number of factors. This betting line is released along with the point spread. The money line is generally formed days later.

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Super Bowl Future Betting Odds

The first lines for the Super Bowl are released roughly a year in advance. Futures lines come out following the completion of the Super Bowl from the year before. Oddsmakers do not waste time in formulating new odds for the next season. This is an early opportunity for those interested to cash in well in advance. Super Bowl futures have some of the highest margins of profit of any betting line relating to the game. They also give plenty of time to lay money down. Throughout the offseason many online sportsbooks will have these lines up and available. With no weekly games, the payouts do not change unless noteworthy transactions affect the teams.

Once the regular season gets going, weekly updates to the current odds to win the Super Bowl are adjusted. Teams are formed with the odds to win up until they are eliminated from contention. This comes sooner for some teams than for others based on performances. Even as the playoffs get underway, futures are still available. This will be true up until the conclusion of the AFC + NFC Championship games and the Super Bowl matchup is known.

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Understanding Super Bowl Props

Prop odds are what separate the Super Bowl from other games. Because so much money is wagered on the Super Bowl, sports betting sites take prop betting to the next level. Not only are the teams + players covered more in-depth, so are the surrounding factors outside of the matchup. Get the details just below.

Super Bowl Team Prop Odds - Teams props are some of the most-popular wagers made on the Super Bowl. But it's hard to qualify team props into a handful of categories. This is because sportsbooks can come up with all kinds of scenarios that users can wager. The majority of these wagers revolve around the performance of both teams playing in the Super Bowl. Scoring benchmarks such as the first to score 10 points, or the first team to score a touchdown in the game are good examples. Payouts for team props stay around even money based on two outcomes. However, there can be team prop lines with more than two outcomes. In this case, payouts can be all over the map.

Super Bowl Player Prop Odds - A regular season NFL game might have 30-40 player props lines for a matchup. A Super Bowl will have 10 times that. No player performance (especially at a skill position) is left out in the cold here. Quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, defensive backs, linebackers, and even the kickers are installed with odds based on how they might finish statistically. Each betting line is specific to the position, with online sportsbooks dedicating plenty to both teams. Player proposition wagers for the Super Bowl are formed + released over the two-week period. They are not all available at once, coming out gradually.

Wacky (Special) Super Bowl Props - This is where betting on the Super Bowl gets interesting. It's also what separates it from other games. One thing that wacky prop odds do is bring those who might otherwise have stayed away from wagering into the mix. Entertainment betting lines such as the wardrobe of the halftime performer, and how long it takes the opening singer to get through the National Anthem are frequently formed. Another staple is the color of the Gatorade bath at the end of the game dumped over the winning coach. Each year sportsbooks come out with something new, always involving a unique aspect to the teams involved.

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Super Bowl Wager Types

Sportsbooks will offer several wager types. Straight bets are the most-common wagers made, but for the Super Bowl there can be much more. Betting sites will detail the available options, but terms like parlays, teasers, and pleasers should be familiar to you. The opportunity to link together bets for a higher profit is the idea behind a parlay. The chance to shift the point spread comes with a teaser + pleaser. There are many fun things that can be done to bet on the Super Bowl from the standpoint of wagers. When visiting online sportsbook, check out the rules pertaining to the wagers that can be placed on a football game. If unclear, consult customer service for answers as they will be able to help.

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Other Ways To Bet On The Super Bowl - Live Betting On The Super Bowl

Expect live wagering to be available at many online sports betting sites each year. Wagering live on many sports has expanded, with the Super Bowl a huge part of that. Online sportsbooks will have a live betting section specifically designed to handle the Super Bowl odds that are formed. This takes place in real-time, with a limited opportunity to bet on the line until more take its place. Examples include alternate point spreads + prop betting lines based on upcoming plays and scores.

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