5Dimes Review - Odds, Wager Types + More

It's exciting to talk about 5Dimes from the main perspective of odds, because from a pure betting lines standpoint, this site might be the best that can be found. 5Dimes sets the standard for sports betting online in terms of the number and types of betting lines that are offered. But what's really cool about this sportsbook is the uniqueness of these odds as well. While the general categories of odds are the same, it is the specialized lines + odds that 5Dimes throws out there that separates them from the crowd.

We will go into detail about what you can expect to find at 5Dimes Sportsbook, covering the odds and wager types offered. It's broken up into an easy-to-follow layout so even if you are a very novice bettor it will be able to register. It's an exciting time to bet sports at 5Dimes as they continue to try and advance forward every year. Learn about the latest ways to fund accounts and get paid out from winning your sports wagers at 5Dimes, and what other things are going on.

Does 5Dimes Allow U.S. Players? - Who Can Bet On Sports There?

5Dimes is located in Costa Rica and allowed American players to sign up for an account. U.S. bettors can legally play at 5Dimes and bet real money because of the fact that the site is offshore and out of U.S. federal jurisdiction which does not allow for the operation of an online gambling site. With 5Dimes being legal though, USA bettors who are at least 18 years old can create an online sportsbook account and join in on the fun.

5Dimes Lines + Betting Odds Types

If we were to rank the sportsbooks from the top to bottom as far as what odds are formed for bettors, it's a good bet that 5Dimes would be No.1. We will try to explain this going down the line, beginning with the betting odds that account holders will be able to place money on when they sign up for the sportsbook.

Game Lines - Normal Day-to-Day Wagers On Individual Games + Matchups

Visit a standard sportsbook and they will have game lines just like 5Dimes will. However, while a normal sportsbook might have just one listing of game lines, 5Dimes can have as many as a dozen different point spreads to pick from on the same page. Some sites might have a couple under their props section, but 5Dimes groups it right into the games and matchups.

Spread - The point spread is a wager made on a match up siding with the favorite or the underdog to cover the number that was installed on the game line. At 5Dimes bettors can wager on a number of different point spread, all reflecting different payouts.

Moneyline - While point spreads differ, the moneyline won't because it is the bet on the winner and the loser of a game. There isn't much variance here so your standard moneyline at 5Dimes is consistent with most any sports betting site.

Game Totals - Much like the spread that can be found in a variety of different numbers, the same can be said for the game total. This is to give bettors options on payouts. Sometimes bettors want to take bigger risks, which can result in a higher payday. 5Dimes can offer many different game totals that go along with the different point spreads.

Future Betting Odds - Big Payout On Small Investment Make These Popular

Futures wagers at 5Dimes will be found under each sport's section, but they will be divided up into their separate league from there. For example, football futures can be found under the football header, but within that section will be links for NFL futures and college football futures. 5Dimes does a nice job of breaking them up.

What is also different about 5Dimes is that why they do offer championship futures, there are also game odds that are under the futures category because they form betting lines for matchups weeks and months out. This gives bettors the chance to wager on a game well in advance. Once the week of the game comes it's switched over to the standard section. This is seen most often with NFL and college football games.

Proposition Odds - 5Dimes Is The Best On All Types Of Prop Wagers

5Dimes could be called the king of the prop betting lines because of the sheer volume that are produced. This sports betting site takes full advantage of setting out prop odds for games, players, and teams.

Team Prop Odds - Matchup prop odds relating to teams are quite common at 5Dimes, as these lines will put the two teams together head-to-head for various outcomes during the course of a game. Scoring first, last, or reaching a benchmark of some sort are quite popular. But it's not all about single games, there can be other team props based on the outcome of an entire season. Wins and losses are a good example here.

Player Prop Odds - The concept of player prop odds leaves room for even more betting odds to be formed than the case with team props. There are more players on the field than teams in a matchup, so of course there will be more performance-based odd relating to the players involved in the game. There can be plenty of different topics covered, which there isn't a sportsbook that does it better than 5Dimes.

In-Play Game Lines + Odds

Games already on their way to being completed are known as games that are in-play at 5Dimes. There are a couple of different ways to bet these games. One is live betting, which we get into later. The other is in-play betting, which we talk about right now. In-play betting forms different point spreads moneylines, game totals and even props during the course of action for a game. Second half odds might be the most recognizable type of in-play betting line but 5Dimes tries to offer as many games with this as possible.

5Dimes Provides Online Betting Opportunities On These Sports:

NFL Football | College Football + Basketball | NBA | MLB | NASCAR | UFC | PGA Golf | Soccer | Tennis

5Dimes Wager Types + Options

While 5Dimes might offer more betting odds in pure numbers than any other sports betting site, the wager type are consistent with the rest of the top-tier sportsbooks we review. 5Dimes Sportsbook wants to offer their players as many different chances to place a bet as possible. Let's dive into the different wagers that are open to bettors here.

Straight Wagers - Pretty easy to understand here are the straight bets at 5Dimes. They are the betting odds that you see listed and want to wager on for that designated payout. There is no skewing of a betting line or linking wagers together.

Parlay - Linking a bet is exactly what a parlay does, so it's much different than a straight wager. Parlays at 5Dimes consist of at least two bets made for one payout, where both wagers must win. If they don't the entire bet is lost. Parlays can consist of up to 15 teams in some sports at 5Dimes.

If-Bet - At 5Dimes, the if-bet is a string of at least two bets made, where if the first one hits, that wager plus the winnings are then applied to the next bet. It can stop after one or can keep going for a bettor.

Reverse - Reverse bets might not be known as well as the other, but 5Dimes tries not to exclude any of the standard wager types offered. Reverse bets are like an if-bet, though with double the action. For example, three reverse wagers are actually six different bets.

Round Robin - Round robins can be fun because there are a lot of different outcomes that can take place. They can consist of as little as three different teams or as many as eight different teams to make a wager. 5Dimes round robin payouts are illustrated on site.

Other Ways To Wager On Sports: 5Dimes Has Live Sports Betting!!!

Of course 5Dimes will have live betting! This sportsbook has it all, and with live betting increasing in popularity, it's a big hit here. 5Dimes football live betting is probably their most popular, and during the NFL and college football season they try to put in as many games as they can.

All 5Dimes Sportsbook users who want to make bets on live sporting event will need to know that it bets do not last long on the board because of the fast nature of the activity. So, if a payout or wager looks good to the user, it's best those who are interested to jump in on the action quickly.

Important Details To Consider Before Joining 5Dimes

5Dimes Wager Limits - Fair If Not Generous, Subject To Player Status

There are limits as to how much can be wagered on a single bet at 5Dimes, though they do depend on which type of betting line is being chosen and furthermore, the wager type involved. 5Dimes outlines their betting limits policy in their general rules section, for which the amounts and bets are discussed.

5Dimes is pretty flexible in what they offer their players, but the limits are imposed and enforced to ensure the protection of both the site and the account holder.

Getting Money In + Out Of 5Dimes - Deposit + Withdrawal Options

The option of a Visa credit card deposit is the most popular from 5Dimes, but there is also a money order that USA players are able to take advantage of as well. International deposit options are available too. It's the payout option that can put money on your debit card that is really cool. In fact, 5Dimes is the only sportsbook we review that does this. It's known as the Debit Card Funds Application (DCFA). A Visa or MasterCard debit card is eligible to be used. For complete information on deposits and payouts at this sportsbook, please head on over to 5Dimes and consult the cashier or dig through their financial help section.

Deposit Bonuses + 5Dimes Player Promotions

5Dimes allows bettors to get up to $520 in a first-deposit bonus that can be applied to bets. The percentages on how this is earned are different though. The first deposit up to $400 can earn a 50 percent bonus, with a deposit up to $1,000 earning 200 percent on the last amount. This adds up to a potential amount of $520. It's all explained on a chart and table on site if you have other questions.

5Dimes has other rewards including cash back and reload bonuses. Outside of these, there is a reduced juice bonus and a free payout rewards program to avoid all of those pesky fees that can come when a player chooses to withdraw.

Other Features Available When Betting At 5Dimes

Mobile Sports Gambling, Betting On Sports Through Your Phone - 5Dimes isn't just an option to bet at your computer anymore, as they are now compatible with mobile devices. This is great for bettors because during our busy lives we aren't always able to be on a computer. But the majority of us are always with our mobile device.

Casino, Poker, Horse Racing - From a betting opportunities perspective, 5Dimes has a racebook, poker room and a full online casino that bettors with account can use, even if your original intent was to use the site for sports betting. The point is that 5Dimes has got plenty of great action!

Ready To Sign Up At 5Dimes? Here Are The Details...

It just takes a couple minutes out of your day to register at 5Dimes and your account will be created. Bettors will have information that will need to be included, but nothing crazy. A few simple things are needed to register - your name, address, date of birth, etc... Plus this is the point in time when your login and password for your 5Dimes account is created.